Paint Trends 2023 - the picks are in!

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If you're on a budget, one of the best ways to give a room a quick update, is a fresh coat of paint. The power of a little paint can't be understated! It can change the look and feel of a room instantly.

According to the experts, some of the trends to look for this year are deep blues, earth tones such as forest green, rich plums, muted greens, warm neutrals, and bolder shades. Each year, the leading paint brands present their picks for Color of the Year. Here's a quick look at the top color chosen by four of the leading paint companies.

The color choice for 2023 by Benjamin Moore is Raspberry Blush. This lively shade of coral makes a bold statement and would look great in just about any room.

      Raspberry Blush via Benjamin Moore

Behr on the other hand, chose a neutral color as their pick for 2023.

                                                                Blank Canvas via Behr

Blank Canvas is a warm white that works well with most design styles. Unlike some cooler whites, this shade evokes a warm inviting feel.

                         Blank Canvas (Behr) pictured above on the cabinets. 

Glidden Color of the Year, Vining Ivy, is a light muted aqua tone. This blue-green shade has a relaxing tranquil feel to it. Pair it with white cabinets or trim to really make the color pop.

                                                                         Vining Ivy via Glidden

Sherwin-Williams on the other hand, chose Redend Point, an earthy brown shade with blush undertones.

                                                    Redend Point via Sherwin-Williams

Overall, the 2023 paint colors include warmer comforting tones as well as dramatic shades that make a statement. Some of the hottest color trends to look for in 2023 are:
~ Earthy and clay shades

~ Sunny hues and shades of yellow

~ Deep rich tones of blue, green, red, and plum.

~  Bolder, energetic shades

 ~ Warmer neutral shades and warm whites.

 Happy Painting!

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